Timeless Art

"After falling in love with Kunc's work displayed at a friend's home, my husband and I decided to make an investment to have our children painted to capture who they were at the time (around age 3 and 1). Even though we were out-of-state, Kristin made it very easy to schedule a FaceTime appointment so she could see the kids, interact with them, get to know them in action. After this time, she gave simple and clear instructions on how to provide her with the best source photograph from which she could work. She also took into account several other factors such as the color/decor where the paintings would be displayed and what the children should wear to maximize the portrait of their faces. Once we reached the point where we had decided on the best photograph to use, we let Kristin work her magic. She provided periodic updates, but thankfully saved the big reveal for once the paintings arrived safely in a custom-built package. They took my breath away. We get so many compliments on them and for those who know our children best, she truly captured that "thing" about each one. There's not a day that goes by that I don't enjoy those paintings. Now that the kids are 6.5 and almost 5, I appreciate those portraits even more. Because even though it's only been a few years, when I look at those portraits hanging in our California dining room, I get to recapture those sweet little faces!"
-Sandy A. - San Diego, California

"I love the painting and we’ve been living with it for the past several years, it has become a special part of our daily lives. The way your vision captured her unique spirit is hard for me to put into words. It's special, emotional, and beautiful. There’s also the fact that it will outlive us, there’s an existential side to it knowing future generations will see her captured on canvas."
-Matt F. - New York, New York

"Kristin you do outstanding work that brings portraiture into the realm of the much-maligned but magnificent middle class. And I thank you for that...it has allowed me to have portraits made of all my grandchildren. I can't thank you enough. I wish you the best of luck, lots of love and continued success, Kristin!"

- Kathy E. - Hamptons, New York